The 14th Beijing International Medical Tourism Fair will be holed in November, and the highlights of the exhibition will be the first to watch!

The 14th Beijing International Medical Tourism Fair will be held in Beijing·China International Exhibition Center (Jing'an Zhuangguan) from November 22nd to 24th, 2019. The exhibition will be hosted by Guangzhou Zhenghe Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., more than 20 More than 280 high-quality international hospitals and medical service institutions at home and abroad participated in the exhibition. Less than one month after the start of the exhibition, what are the highlights of this exhibition? Let us sneak peek!

Bringing together all kinds of special medical care in various countries, and connecting a number of high-quality medical resources at home and abroad

Assisted reproductive technologies such as the United States, Thailand, Cambodia, Ukraine, Taiwan and other countries and regions help hope for infertile families to bring new life; Japan's precision medical examinations are a shackle for your health with your family; You rebuild your confidence and maintain your peak value; stem cell therapy injects new vitality into your body, and anti-aging technology helps you retain youthful beauty! At the exhibition, the audience has one-on-one consultation and many price comparison opportunities, and they can choose the medical service providers at home and abroad that they think are the most cost-effective.

Exhibitors attending this time include: LEGACY IVF Reproductive Medicine Center, Singapore Xinjiaxin Medical Group Co., Ltd., Russian Federation Ministry of Health Kulakov National Maternity Perinatal Medicine Research Center, Belarus Eve (Beijing) Health Co., Ltd. Thai Payatai is Racha Hospital, Shangtai Kangmin - Thailand Service Center of Bangkok Hospital, Thailand Millennium Medical Center, Thonburi Hospital Group of Thailand, Medical Excellence Japan, Utsunomiya Central Hospital, Japan TKC Medical Group, Tokyo University Hospital, Taiwan, Taiwan Tuberculosis IVF, Taiwan Maosheng Hospital, Hong Kong Clear Medical Center, Hong Kong Medical Tourism Consulting Service Co., Ltd., China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences Guang'anmen Hospital, Beijing Shengnuo Hospital Management Consulting Co., Ltd., etc.

Set up a free clinic area, free consultation by multinational experts

Many well-known hospitals at home and abroad led by Guang'anmen Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences will provide free consultation for the audience, and answer the audience about insomnia, tumor, ENT, heart, anti-aging, pediatric massage, fatty liver and fibromyalgia syndrome. Such as daily living habits and other illnesses, to promote more disease prevention and health knowledge for the audience, to help the audience to improve health awareness. In addition, many international hospitals and medical service agencies have sent experts to the exhibition site to answer questions about overseas assisted reproduction, precision physical examination, intensive care, stem cell treatment and anti-aging, so that the audience can further understand overseas medical treatment and customize personalized medical care. Program.

The World Oncology Medical Symposium and the International Reproductive Medicine Forum were held concurrently, and many experts exchanged views.

At that time, internationally renowned experts from China, the United States, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan and other countries and regions will exchange ideas and conduct dozens of lectures on cancer and reproductive medicine to promote the exchange and development of related medical technologies.

Topics include "How China and South Korea strengthen medical tourism cooperation and win-win", "Health is the source of wealth", "What is the Japanese comprehensive health check system", "Japan's particle line treatment and international medical cooperation", "Global perspective Medical services, "all cancer care", "tipal technology for fertility preservation and reconstruction", "How to improve the success rate of assisted reproduction?", "Test tube baby 3.7 generation", "BMB full cycle IVF hospital", " The latest trends in assisted reproductive technology for the treatment of infertility, "Why is Russian legal and how to operate?", "Why choose European Medical Center to do test tubes and how to operate", "Micro-stimulation cycle IVF technology", "American stem cells", "The latest advances in preimplantation genetic testing technology", "strategy for tube treatment (plan)", "importance of test tube conditioning", etc.

The top ten international hospitals and service agencies are in the midst of a hot election.

"The selection of the top ten international hospitals trusted by Chinese patients in 2019" and the "Top Ten Honest Medical Service Organizations in China in 2019" activities are in full swing. The activities have attracted widespread attention in the medical industry. 41 international hospitals and 33 medical service organizations participated in the selection activities. The voting atmosphere was fierce and the competition was fierce. In the end, who can sit firmly in the top ten is still unable to make a conclusion. The top ten candidates will be awarded the honorary award at the Gala Dinner held at the Royal Beijing Hotel on the evening of the 22nd!

       2019 is held concurrently with the annual meeting of the Medical Tourism Exhibition, and the dinner party for medical travelers is about to open.

     On the evening of November 22nd, the organizer will hold the 2019 Zhenghe Medical Tourism Exhibition Annual Grand Ceremony at the Royal Hotel in Beijing. Nearly 300 hospitality travellers will participate in the feast. The event will be interspersed with honorary awards, cash draws, gift draws (Huawei mobile phones, electronic devices, Cosmetics and mysterious gifts are sent non-stop!), exhibitors talent show (song performance), national quintessence face, Jinlong drum performance. I believe that through this entertainment exchange dinner, nationality and language barriers are not a barrier to each other! The fireworks of friendship will burst out in this dinner, let us deepen understanding, promote mutual cooperation, achieve mutual benefit and win-win, and jointly contribute to the cause of great health care!

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