International general hospitals and specialized hospitals:

1. Oncology, critical, cardiac, neurological, ophthalmology, orthopedic specialist hospitals and general hospitals;
2. Specialized hospitals and general hospitals for stem cell therapy, anti-aging, genetic testing;
3. Specialized hospitals and general hospitals such as IVF and assisted reproduction;
4. Specialized hospitals and general hospitals for precision medical examination, HPV vaccine, and hepatitis C treatment;
5. Specialized hospitals such as plastic surgery, dentistry, dermatology and general medicine;
6. Various types of Chinese hospitals, private high-end hospitals, foreign-related hospitals, traditional Chinese medical tourism, hot springs, etc.

International medical services and referral agencies:

1. Various specialized and comprehensive medical services and consulting agencies;
2. Cross-border medical and referral services;
3. Health management and physical examination center, confinement center, private doctor and clinic;
4. Pioneering area of medical tourism, health field of traditional Chinese medicine;
5. Telemedicine, mobile medicine, smart medicine, etc .;

Relevant service agencies and products:

1. Overseas medical insurance, comprehensive medical insurance, etc .;
2. Airlines, high-end hotels, travel agencies and tourist resorts, high-end customized tourism;
3. Various body conditioning and health products, related medical equipment and rehabilitation supplies;

Relevant government, media, and community organizations:

1. National tourism bureaus, health and health departments, and relevant medical tourism government authorities;
2. Associations such as medical tourism associations, chambers of commerce, and societies;
3. Related websites, newspapers, magazines and other media;

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